Pharmixer® Is Products And Sales Teams Exchange For Pharmaceutical And Other Companies. Find A Product Looking for a product for your sales team?Choose from a range of products that are available for your team. Find A Sales Team Looking for a sales team for your product? Choose from available capacity of sales teams that can promote your product. Place Your Ad Want to offer your team or product?Creating an ad will not take longer than 3 minutes.

How does it work?

Pharmixer (products and sales teams exchange) is a web platform that helps increase sales of pharmaceutical and other companies by finding a product for a sales team or a sales team for a product.

Choose from a range of products and available capacity of sales teams or place your ad, where you can offer your product or your sales team with available capacity. All fast, convenient and confidential.

More about the Pharmixer service (products and sales teams exchange).

Here is a set of instructional videos for your convenience:

1.       How to find a sales team

2.       How to read the ad

3.       How to find a product

4.       How to register

5.       How to buy a credits

6.       How to uncover contact information

7.       How to place own ad

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